Featured Pups: Lady and Reno

Meet Lady and Reno, a bonded pair. These two pups are adorable together! They sleep curled up together, and little Reno LOVES Lady. Because of how they act together we fear separating them because we believe Reno would be heartbroken and might give up. For example when staff walked them apart Reno wouldn’t stop watching Lady and was so excited when they got back together!

Lady is a 7-year old shepherd/lab mix, and Reno is a 5-year old Chihuahua mix. They were surrendered by their owner who couldn’t afford to take care of them. They have great temperaments, too! They don’t care at all when other dogs pass their kennel.

Lady is heartworm-positive, so Sheltered Paws would help cover the cost of treatment for anyone willing to adopt or foster these awesome dogs! Please text or call Christina at 513-739-1363 if you can help by adopting or fostering.

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Reno LOVES Lady

Reno and Lady, a bonded pair