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Fostering dogs improves adoption outcome
Please join us and become a foster today.

Fostering a Cincinnati shelter dog is the reward of saving a dog’s life and provides reassurance to the adoptive family that the dog was well loved.  We are limited in the number of dogs we can save by the number of foster home available.


“Foster Parents” are needed for: nursing moms; dogs too young, sick, confused, or frightened to be adopted yet; long-time residents of the shelter.


Benefits of fostering:


  • – Provide Cincinnati shelter dogs with a personal and loving setting to make them more adoptable

  • – Receive unconditional love and interact with many different types of dogs

  • – Help adopters find the right dog based on information you provide about the dog’s     personality (adopters want to know as much as possible before adopting)

  • – Dogs receive love, attention, and training (if needed)


You will experience the joy of knowing the dog will be placed in a good home as Sheltered Paws Dog Rescue is very careful where we place each and every rescued dog.

Fostering requires dedication and patience. However, it is a rewarding experience for the entire foster family. We will provide the support you need in finding an adoptive home for the dog.


Assistance for Fostering:


  • – Vet bills are covered by Sheltered Paws for necessary visits to one of our approved network veterinarians

  • – Receive needed supplies (cage, collar, I.D. tag etc)

  • – Receive help marketing your foster through and

  • – Complimentary grooming and behavior assessment if needed


Contact us at for more information about becoming a foster family for a Cincinnati shelter dog.  Fostering helps save dogs that might not make it at the shelter, it’s a life-saving endeavor.


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