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Sheltered Paws Adoptable Dog
Who we are
Shelter Paws Dog Rescue is a Cincinnati, Ohio non-profit organization dedicated to helping save shelter dogs by placing them in loving forever homes or in temporary, loving foster homes to get them ready for adoption.


We focus on moms and babies, long-time residents of the shelter, and dogs with special needs. We often purchase for the shelter heartworm medicine that helps prevent euthanization of otherwise healthy dogs, and we also promote shelter dog health through buying things, not in the budget (like special healthy treats).



interested in one of our dogs?



Visit our page of adoptable dogs for pictures and descriptions (if you don’t already have a specific dog in mind). Dogs in the shelter have bios that begin with an ID number, and dogs in foster homes have bios that start with “Our foster dogs live as family members in their foster homes…” Each situation has its own process, 

How can I help?

Sheltered Paws offers several

different ways to help dogs in need.


  • You can adopt one of our available dogs.

  • You can become a foster to help us save more shelter dogs.

  • Or you can donate money, supplies, or gift cards, either directly or through our Amazon Wishlist.

  • We also welcome new members to our group to help us care for and spread the word about these shelter dogs.

Happy adopted shelter dog
What is involved in fostering?
Dog in happy forever home

Fostering a dog is the reward of saving a dog’s life and provides reassurance to the adoptive family that the dog was well loved. We are limited in the number of dogs we can save by the number of foster home available. Fostering requires dedication and patience. However, it is a rewarding experience for the entire foster family. We will provide the support you need in finding an adoptive home for the dog. Learn about the benefits of fostering and Sheltered Paws’ foster support on our Foster page.

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